A Notice from Kure City November , 2022(English)【How to Read the Instructions for Medicines】

【How to Read the Instructions for Medicines】

Medicines prescribed by the hospital always come with instructions. The manual contains information on correct usage and effects, as well as precautions and side effects. Be sure to look up the contents on the Internet, and if there is anything you do not understand, please check with your doctor, pharmacist, or interpreter before taking it.

★Items described in the medicine instruction manual (medicine information provision form)★

➀ Picture of medicine
A picture of medicine is attached. Please check carefully before using to avoid mistakes.

➁ Name of medicine
Indicate the name of the medicine.

➂ Efficacy and effects of medicines
Describes the efficacy and effects of the drug.

➃ How to take medicine
It describes how many tablets and how many days to take when you wake up, in the morning, at noon, in the evening, and before going to bed. There is also a description such as before meals and after meals, so please check before taking.

・Getting up: right after waking up in the morning
・Before meals: when there is no food in the stomach (about 1 hour to 30 minutes before meals)
・After meals: When there is food in the stomach (within 30 minutes after eating)
・Between meals: Between meals (approximately 2 hours after meals) ※Do not take medicine during meals
・Before bed: about 30 minutes before going to bed
・To be taken when sickness occurs: take when sickness occurs or symptoms are severe

➄ Notes
It describes precautions and side effects when taking medicine. It also contains precautions regarding daily life, such as “Avoid driving a car because you will become sleepy after taking it.”

~ Medication notebook ~
In the medicine notebook, information such as the name of the medicine you are using and how to use it, as well as information on past use, are recorded. Show your medicine notebook to your doctor or pharmacist when you visit a hospital or receive prescriptions. It is possible to check the duplication of medicines and the combination of medicines.

【A multilingual life guidebook has been published】

“The Kure Life Guidebook for Foreigners” has been published in English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Vietnamese. It contains a lot of useful information for foreigners about life and administrative procedures.
It is distributed free of charge at the International Exchange Center on the 1st floor of the Kure City Hall, Tobu Chiku Foreign Resident Comprehensive Consultation Counter in Hiro Shimin Center, and every local Civic Center.
You can also download it from the Kure International Exchange Association’s website.


【Kure City Promotional Magazine “市政だより くれ” Available in English.】

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