A Notice from Kure City(English)2021 July

【Consultations for Single Parents】

●Consultations for Child-Support expenses (Free daycare available)
A solicitor will handle any consultations related to legal matters concerning agreement and fulfillment of child-support expenses before and after divorce.
Date and Time: ①Saturday 21 August②Tuesday 21 September
9:30-11:45 (Approx. 45 minutes per person)
Where: Kosodate-shien-ka (Kure City Hall 2F)
Capacity: ①6 Persons ②3 Persons (First come first serve)
How to apply: Please contact the Hiroshima Hitori Oya Katei Support Center by phone or fax (Tel, Fax 082 227 2377)
※Aside from this, there will be child support payments and employment consultants available for problems associated with single parent households such as employment and acquiring qualifications. Please contact us for further information.
Contact: Kosodate-shien-ka 0823 25 3173

●Loans Consultations for School trips and etc.
Specialists and City employees are available for consultations for loans to provide funds for preparing your child to go to school and school trips. (For times other than those specified below, City employees will be available for consultations)
Date and Time: Tuesday 3 August, Tuesday 7 September 8:30-17:00
Where: Kosodate-shien-ka (Kure City Hall 2F)
How to apply: Contact by phone before the specified dates.
Contact: Kosodate-shien-ka 0823 25 3297

For those who don’t understand Japanese
International Exchange Center (Kure City Hall 1F) 0823 25 5604
Eastern District Consultation Service for Foreigners (Hiro Shimin Center 4F) 0823 76 3370

【For those who use the Karuga Seaside Park】

●In order to prevent further infections of the Coronavirus, please ensure to maintain prevention measures such as social distancing, avoiding close contact with other people, avoiding enclosed areas and wearing your mask.
●If possible, please come to the park by public transport.
●Please refrain from illegal and improper parking.
●Please use the picnic square (no booking required) if you want to have a barbecue in the park. Afterwards, please make sure to extinguish the fire and not leave any garbage behind.
●Pets and fireworks are not allowed.
●Fishing and volleyball are not allowed during July and August.
●Please follow the rules so as not to disturb other park goers and neighbors.

Contact: Doboku-somu-ka 0823 25 3668

【Kure City Promotional Magazine “市政だより くれ” Available in English.】

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