A Notice from Kure City(English)2021 September

【September 21-30 Autumn National Traffic Safety Campaign 】

▼The focus of the campaign ●Safety of pedestrians, especially children ●Bicycle safety ●Safe driving of elderly drivers ●Prevention of traffic accidents at dusk and night time ●Prevention of drunk driving and other dangerous driving
※ September 30 (Thursday) is ‘the day aiming for zero traffic deaths’. Let’s be careful not to get into an accident or cause an accident.
▼Contact: Chiki-kyodo-ka 0823-25-3581

【Support for My Number (Individual Number) Card Application】
[Support for My Number Card Application (Free photo shooting)]
The civic center will also provide support in applying for the card. ※ This service is also available at Shiminmadoguchi-ka (1F City Hall).
▼Date & Place ●September 28 (Tuesday) Showa Civic Center ●October 12 (Tuesday) Kurahashi Civic Center ●October 19 (Tuesday) Miyahara Civic Center
▼Time: 10am – 3pm
▼Necessary documents: Application Form for the My Number Card
※ If you lose the application form or change your name or address, the application form will be reissued. Please bring your official photo ID (e.g. driver’s license) or health insurance card.

[Temporary counter for issuance of My Number Card]
When you receive the notice (postcard), please remove the sticker, confirm the place to receive the My Number Card.
▼Date & Time: Sunday October 31 , November 28 , December 26 8:30am – 4:30pm
▼Place Shiminmadoguchi-ka (1F City Hall)
※ The card is kept at the Civic Center where your residency is, so you need to apply in advance to receive the card at Shiminmadoguchi-ka. Please inquire for details. The Civic Center will not be open on Sundays.
▼Contact: Shimin-madoguchi-ka 0823-25-5698

[Free consultation with experts・No prior reservation required]
①Judicial scrivener
●National Law Day Free Consultation
▼Date & Time: October 2 (Saturday) 9am – 12pm
▼Place: Hiro Machi-zukuri center
▼Details: Registration procedures for matters such as inheritance, transactions in real estate, and legal counseling for civil cases.
●Telephone consultation regarding inheritance and testaments
▼Date & Time: October 17, November 21, December 19, January 16, February 20 and March 13 10am – 4pm
▼Details: Procedures for inheritance and testaments in general
▼Contact: Hiroshima Shihoshosikai Jimukyoku (Hiroshima Judicial Scriveners Association Secretariat) 082-221-5345

②Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist
● Especially set-up area at the AEON mall in Hiro
▼Date & Time: October 2 (Saturday) 9:30am – 4pm

●3F in YouME Town Kure
▼Date & Time: October 2 (Saturday) and 3 (Sunday) 9:30am – 4pm

▼Details: Inheritance, testaments, approval and license, certification of contents, international services and adult guardianship etc.
▼Contact: Hiroshima-ken Gyoseishosikai Kure-shibu (Hiroshima Certified Administrative Procedures legal Specialist Association Kure branch) 0823-76-4575

[On-site Legal Consultation by Lawyers]
Lawyers will be available to provide general legal advice in your daily life. Excluding matters already in court.
●Showa Machi-zukuri Center
▼Date & Time: October 14 (Thursday) 1pm – 4pm

●Hiro Civic Center
▼Date & Time: October 28 (Thursday) 1pm – 4pm

▼Capacity: The first 6 to arrive at each place
▼Application: Please call the Shimin Sodan-shitu from one month before the event to the day before.
▼Fee: Free of charge
▼Contact: Shimin Sodan-shitu 0823-25-3222

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