A Notice from Kure City January, 2022(English)

【Specific health checkups for this year are available until Thursday, March 31】

Let’s check your body once a year through a specific health checkup or an elderly health checkup.
The expiration date of the specific health checkup slip for this year is Thursday, March 31. You can get a health checkup at a nearby medical institution or through a group health checkup.
There is no elderly health checkup slip, therefore please just bring your health insurance card.
▼Target group: [Specific health checkup] People enrolled in the Kure City’s National Health Insurance who are aged 40 to 74 years old.
[Elderly health checkup] People enrolled in The Medical Care System for Older Senior Citizens who are aged 75 and over
▼Application: [Individual health checkup] Reservation directly with a medical institution
[Group health checkup] Reservation by telephone or website (Closed as soon as capacity is reached)
Kureshi Kenshin Yoyaku Center
Telephone: 050-3625-3019, 9:00 to 17:30, excluding weekends and holidays
● Website [Kure Kenshin Yoyaku System]
24-hour reception. For details, please check the Kure City website:

※The [Specific health checkup slip] was mailed in early April last year (please go to the Health and Welfare Division for a reissuance of your slip). If you are not covered by the National Health Insurance, please check with your health insurer on how to receive the slip or the specific health checkup.
▼Contact: Fukushi-hoken-ka 0823-25-3103

【Be careful of freezing!! Winter preparation for water pipes】

If the temperature drops below -4 ° C (-1 to 2 ° C in a windy place), the water in the water pipes may freeze or the water pipes may be damaged. Protect the water pipes that are exposed outdoors, which are prone to freezing, from the cold.
●How to protect against the cold
Wrap a commercially available heat insulating material or cloth around the water pipe. For water heaters installed outdoors, check the instruction manual for how to protect against the cold.
●When water pipe freezes
Cover the frozen water pipe with a towel, etc., and slowly pour lukewarm water over it to melt it. (Hot water may cause the water pipe to burst)
●When water pipe bursts
Close the valve next to the meter and request repairs from the Kure City’s designated water supply equipment installation shop (please see the city homepage for details). If you do not know where the valve is, wrap a towel or vinyl tape around the burst part to stop the water.

▼Contact: Water and Sewerage Bureau Kanro-kanri-ka 0823-26-1637

【Kure City Promotional Magazine “市政だより くれ” Available in English.】

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