A Notice from Kure City July, 2022(English)

【Training Course for Promoting Stable Employment of Foreign Residents and Students Japanese Course for Employment】

This Japanese course is for foreigners who have settled in Japan and who are looking for a job.

Target Participants
・ Permanent Resident
・ Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident
・ Long Term Resident
・ Spouse or Child of Japanese National
Training Period
Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday from August 31st (Wednesday) to December 7th (Wednesday), from 9:00a.m. to 12:00p.m.
View Port Kure Hotel, 4th Floor, “Chu Hall” (1-1-2, Nakadori, Kure City)
Course Content
Level 2 (for people who can read and write hiragana/katakana, who have studied Japanese a little, and who can hold simple conversations in Japanese in their daily lives.)
▶Communication in the workplace (conversation/reading and writing)
Understanding of workplace practices (administrative procedures, events, etc.), simple confirmation regarding work details/how to have a consultation
▶Career planning/job search activities(job postings/application documents/interviews)
How to apply
Please call Hello Work Kure by Friday, August 19th (0823-25-8609)

Hello Work Kure 0823-25-8609
Commercial & Industrial Promotion Division 0823-25-3310
Kure International Exchange Association 0823-25-5607 (for people who have difficulty speaking Japanese over the phone, etc.)

【Recruitment of Participants for the Summer Vacation Homework Support Project for Children/Students with Foreign Roots!】

Volunteers will help you with your summer vacation homework. You can also review your school’s materials and study Japanese. We also have time to play games and work on handicraft together.

Target Participants
Elementary school students to high school students with foreign roots.
July 28th(Thu.), July 30th(Sat.), August 4th(Thu.), August 9th(Tue.), August 16th(Tue.), August 20th(Sat.), August 25th(Thu.) from 10:00a.m. to 12:00p.m.
Kure International Center (Kure City Hall 1F)
How to apply
Application forms are distributed to the elementary and junior high schools within the city. If you are interested, please contact the school or apply directly at the International Center (Kure City Hall 1st floor).
Application deadline
July 22nd (Fri.)

Kure International Exchange Association ☎ 0823-25-5607  ✉ kurekiea@gmail.com

【Making Calligraphy Art】

Foreigners living in Kure City/those with foreign roots, would you like to make art works using letters/characters from your native language (mainly for people whose native language is not Japanese) with drawing papers and paints of your favorite colors, and brushes?

The art works will be exhibited at the “Multicultural Art Exhibition” (scheduled to be held in mid-November).

August 7th (Sun.), 2:00pm to 3:30pm
Kure International Center, Meeting Room (Kure City Hall 1F)
※Please wear clothes that you do not mind to get dirty with paint.

▼Contact: Kure International Exchange Association 0823-25-5607

【A multilingual life guidebook has been published】

“The Kure Life Guidebook for Foreigners” has been published in English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Vietnamese. It contains a lot of useful information for foreigners about life and administrative procedures.
It is distributed free of charge at the International Exchange Center on the 1st floor of the Kure City Hall, Tobu Chiku Foreign Resident Comprehensive Consultation Counter in Hiro Shimin Center, and every local Civic Center.
You can also download it from the Kure International Exchange Association’s website.


【Kure City Promotional Magazine “市政だより くれ” Available in English.】

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