A Notice from Kure City(English)2021 June

【Sending your Health Insurance Fee Notification Bill】

The Health Insurance Fee Notification Bills for National Health Insurance, Nursing Insurance and Late Stage Elderly Care Insurance. The Statement of Payment for the Health Insurance Fees is also inside the envelope. Please make sure to open the envelope sent by Kure City and check its contents.
※If you are having difficulties paying the Insurance Fees due to the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic, please consult with the appropriate authorities listed below.

●National Health Insurance
Mailing Period: Beginning of July
Contact: Hoken-nenkin-ka 0823 25 3153

●Nursing Insurance
Mailing Period: Beginning of July
Contact: Kaigo-hoken-ka 0823 25 3176

●Late Stage Elderly Care Insurance
Mailing Period: Mid-July
Contact: Hoken-nenkin-ka 0823 25 3156

【Annual Update on Eligibility Status for Child Allowance (genkyo todoke)】

Genkyo todoke forms have been mailed to those who are receiving child allowance and should be completed and returned by Wednesday, June 30. This form is necessary to confirm your details as of June 1 and verify that every recipient of child allowance will continue to be eligible. Be sure to submit forms so that you remain eligible.
Forms are not required this year for eligible children who were born in May or whose families moved to Kure in May.

▼Contact: Kosodate-shien-ka 0823 25 3173

【Kure City Promotional Magazine “市政だより くれ” Available in English.】

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