A Notice from Kure City(English)October, 2021

【November 9-15 National Fire Prevention Autumn Campaign】

It is the time of year when the air is dry and fires are more likely to break out. Use caution when handling flammable items.
[Tips for fire prevention]
●Never smoke in bed. ●Use heaters at a distance from flammable materials. ●Never leave a lit gas cooker unattended. ●Always use hand rubbing alcohol away from fire.  ●Ensure proper maintenance of residential fire alarms
▼Contact: City Fire Department Yobo-ka 0823 26 0323

【Admission to nursery schools, membership of after-school activity class, online application】

[Admission to nursery schools, etc. from April]

▼Application period: October 26th (Tue) – November 9th (Tue)
※ Please be sure to visit the nursery school of your choice before preparing the required documents, and submit your application online within the application period. For more information, please visit Kure Kosodate Net. www.kure-kosodate.com/ Contact them directly if you wish to enter a kindergarten.
▼Contact: Kosodate-sisetsu-ka 0823-25-3144

[Joining an after-school activity class from April]

This is a class where children whose parents are not at home during the day due to work are taken care of after school.
▼Target group of children: In principle, children enrolled in elementary schools within the city.
▼Requirements for enrollment: Parents who are absent from home for more than 15 days in a month due to work or other reasons, and this situation continues for more than 3 months.
▼Application: Please apply through the “Kosodate Online Shinsei” between November 1st (Mon) and November 15th (Mon). *Proof of employment of the guardian is required.
※ If you do not apply during this period, you may not be able to enroll as you wish. For more information, please visit Kure Kosodate Net. www.kure-kosodate.com/.
▼Contact: Kosodate-sien-ka 0823-25-3254

【Kure City Promotional Magazine “市政だより くれ” Available in English.】

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