A Notice from Kure City November, 2021(English)

【Issuance of written confirmation of payment of National Health Insurance, Late-Stage Senior Citizen, Nursing Care and Pension Insurance Premiums (for year-end adjustment)】

All the insurance premiums paid during 2021 are eligible for a deduction of social insurance premiums.
If you need written confirmation of payment for year-end adjustment at your place of work, please apply at the following office by the end of the year.
At the end of January 2022, you will receive a notice of the amount paid for your final tax return.

Types of insurance Place of grant and contact details
National health insurance premiums (tax)
Medical insurance premiums for late-stage elderly
Long-term care insurance premiums
Hoken-nenkin-ka 0823-25-3153
Kaigo-hoken-ka 0823-25-3176
Shimin-madoguchi-ka, each civic centers
National pension contributions Kure Nenkin-jimusho (2-11, Takara-machi) 0823-22-1691

※ Inquiries about the amount of money cannot be made over the telephone.
▼ What the applicant needs: An insurance card or a photo ID issued by a government office. If someone other than the applicant or a family member of the same household applies, a letter of proxy is required.
※ A ‘Certificate of Deduction’ for National Pension Insurance premiums will be sent by the Japan Pension Service in early November.

【There have been fires. Please separate “hazardous waste”.】

Fires in rubbish disposal facilities and collection vehicles are a nationwide problem, with several occurring every year in Kure City.
Please dispose of small rechargeable batteries (mobile batteries), lighters, portable stoves and spray cans containing flammable gas as ‘Hazardous Waste’. Do not dispose of them with other waste.

▼Contact: Kankyo-seisaku-ka 0823-25-3302

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