A Notice from Kure City December, 2021(English)

【Get a Tuberculosis check-up】

▼Eligibility: People aged 65 and over who have not had a TB screening (the check-up is not required for those who have had a lung cancer screening).
Nishi-hoken center
▼Dates: Mondays of January 17th, February 7th, and March 7th
Higashi-hoken center
▼Dates: Tuesdays of January 25th, February 22nd, and March 22nd
※The check-up time is 1pm to 3pm at both centers. No booking is required, and is free of charge.
▼Contact: Chiki-hoken-ka 0823-25-3525

【New Year’s holiday garbage collection schedule】

No rubbish will be collected from Friday December 31st to Monday January 3rd.
※In some areas, rubbish will not be collected on Thursday December 30th and Tuesday January 4th. Please check the garbage collection calendar for collection dates and items to be collected.
▼Contact: Kankyo-gyomu-ka 0823-74-9100

【Kure City Promotional Magazine “市政だより くれ” Available in English.】

1 Scan the QR Code.
2 Download and install the “Catalog Pocket” app.
3 Scan the QR Code again.