A Notice from Kure City May, 2024(English)

【Disaster Prevention Seminar for Japanese Language Learners】

What would you do if it rained heavily in the town where you live? Let’s learn about the important disaster prevention together!

●Date and time: June 2nd (Sun) 2:00pm~3:30pm
●Location: Kure City Hall 1st floor, International Center’s meeting room
●Participation fee: Free
●Contents: Booth will be set up at the venue with the theme of “Learning about disaster prevention using the five senses.”
◇Video from the time of the 2018 Japan floods (floods, landslides, debris flows, etc.)
◇By looking at displays of cardboard beds, portable toilets, and items taken with you during a disaster, you can learn how to be prepared and experience what an evacuation center might look like.
◇Listen to the different types of sirens coming from the disaster prevention radio and use this to help you decide when to start evacuation.
◇Hazard maps for each region will be distributed to participants, allowing them to learn about local disaster risks and evacuation shelter locations.
◇Develop your disaster prevention knowledge with Disaster Prevention Karuta (Japanese card game).
◇Gifts including whistle and halal emergency food will are available.

Kure International Exchange Association 0823-25-5607

【Please pay the following taxes by Friday, May 31】

●Fixed Property Tax and City Planning Tax 1st installment
Shisanzei-ka 0823-25-3214 for queries regarding Fixed Property and City Planning Tax
●Light Vehicle Tax
Shiminzei-ka 0823-25-3198 for Light Vehicle Tax

《Payment methods》
・Pay at Kure City Hall’s Tax Collection Division, Civic Services Division, or each civic center (branch) (8:30am-5:15pm)
・Bring the payment to a convenience store, bank, post office, etc.
・Pay using a smartphone payment app
・Pay at bank or post office through “account transfer”!
※Details on payment methods are provided. ↓
Regarding payments Shuno-ka 0823-25-3204
Kure International Exchange Association 0823-25-5607

【A multilingual life guidebook has been published】
Even if you leave a company, you are still required to be covered by health insurance in case of illness or injury. If you are no longer eligible for health insurance, please follow one of the following procedures:
“The Kure Life Guidebook for Foreigners” has been published in English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Vietnamese. It contains a lot of useful information for foreigners about life and administrative procedures.
It is distributed free of charge at the International Exchange Center on the 1st floor of the Kure City Hall, Tobu Chiku Foreign Resident Comprehensive Consultation Counter in Hiro Shimin Center, and every local Civic Center.
You can also download it from the Kure International Exchange Association’s website.


【Kure City Promotional Magazine “市政だより くれ” Available in English.】

1 Scan the QR Code.
2 Download and install the “Catalog Pocket” app.
3 Scan the QR Code again.