A Notice from Kure City February, 2022(English)

【Vaccination against Measles, German Measles, and Pneumococcus (until March 31)】

[ Measles or German measles (for children) ]
▼This is the second dose of the vaccination for children born between April 2, 2015 and April 1, 2016
※Vaccinations are free until Thursday, March 31, but will be charged at around 10,000 yen after that. Maternity health record books are required. Children must be accompanied by someone fully conversant with the child’s state of health.

[ Pneumococcus Vaccinations (for senior citizens) ]
▼For: Those who are at the following ages and have never been vaccinated:
●Born between April 2, 1956 and April 1, 1957
●Born between April 2, 1951 and April 1, 1952
●Born between April 2, 1946 and April 1, 1947
●Born between April 2, 1941 and April 1, 1942
●Born between April 2, 1936 and April 1, 1937
●Born between April 2, 1931 and April 1, 1932
●Born between April 2, 1926 and April 1, 1927
●Born between April 2, 1921 and April 1, 1922
●Those who are from 60 to 65 years old and have serious heart, kidney, respiratory or immune system deficiencies caused by HIV, please consult your doctor first.
※Notifications were sent last June to those who are eligible.
If you have misplaced it, or you moved to Kure after July, 2020 and are unvaccinated, please contact Chiki-hoken-ka.
▼Where: participating vaccination clinics in Kure (appointment required)
▼Contact: Chiki-hoken-ka 0823-25-3525

【About Water and Sewerage】

[There are three ways to apply for the start or cancellation of water service when you move, etc.]
① Telephone: Customer Service Center 0823-26-1622
② Website: Water and Sewerage Bureau’s website

③ Help Desk: Customer Service Center, Tsubaki Kaikan 3rd floor (Chuo 6-2-9)

[For the repair of water leak in your home, please ask the Kure City’s designated water supply equipment construction companies.]
●Please ask for details about the repair and the cost in advance before receiving the service.
●The list of designated water supply construction companies in Kure City is posted on the Water and Sewerage Bureau’s website.

●After repairing the leak, you may be able to take measures to reduce water charges due to the leak. For details, please contact the Customer Service Center (Tel: 0823-26-1622).
▼Contact: Water and Sewerage Bureau Keiei-kikaku-ka 0823-26-1604

【Kure City Promotional Magazine “市政だより くれ” Available in English.】

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2 Download and install the “Catalog Pocket” app.
3 Scan the QR Code again.